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Evergreen, CO

Phone: 720-744-0603

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Retreats and Workshops


Ignite your life and sense of adventure with one of our retreats designed to light you up!

Join one of our multi-day retreats to connect to yourself, get out of your comfort zone, spend time in nature, enjoy shared experiences with your fellow travelers, practice yoga and meditation, and eat healthy, wholesome food!

Take home tools and resources to create the life you want! Engage in continued growth with one of our workshops. 

Coaching and Classes


Continue what you started on retreat, or kickstart your journey to a healthier, happier life pre-retreat, with our coaching program. 


Our program is designed to help you create sustainable, healthy habits so you can feel more fulfilled in all areas of your life. 


Gain perspective on where you are, take action towards where you want to be, and receive support to keep you accountable. 

If you are local to Colorado, check out our yoga classes.



Share your light by becoming an active participant in our community. Join our Facebook Group!


Our mission is to bring people together in a community that enriches a sense of connectedness (to self, nature and others) to improve overall wellbeing.


We provide ongoing community support, education and events for members. 

Check out our blog and share your thoughts with us!