Our mission at Firefly is to light you up in all ways - for you to have a glow about you that is unmistakable; for your inner light to not only ignite, but thrive and shine at its brightest. 

We want you to have fun. To be healthy. To feel fulfilled in all areas of your life. To be passionate about your work AND play. To have loads of energy, a strong heart, clear mind and a smile a mile wide.  

Firefly Community provides services and events for individuals, wellness leaders and groups (corporate and community groups). Firefly leads and coordinates yoga and wellness retreats internationally and domestically to ignite your inner light, and provides a supportive community and resources so you can thrive when you return home. We do this by offering a one-on-one coaching program, group classes and workshops, and member-only content. Firefly serves the corporate community by offering onsite yoga classes, wellness and stress management workshops.  

About Firefly Community’s Founder, Carrie Lehtonen:


I got my wake-up call at 31 years old courtesy of a heart attack. I was working in a stressful corporate job that didn't inspire me, and even though I was in good physical shape as a triathlete, I felt disconnected from myself.


After learning more about heart disease - the #1 killer of all Americans and 80% preventable with lifestyle changes - I decided something needed to change. I needed to change, and I wanted to spend my life helping others lead healthier, happier lives - lives full of passion, adventure, love and laughter. 


Howard Thurman said "Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it, because what the world needs is people who have come alive." I wholehearted believe this to be true, so I left my 18 year career in Human Resources to start Firefly Community.


We have let society tell us what success looks like, and that the measure of your life is how busy you are. I embarked on a long journey that included education in nutrition and life-coaching methods, training to become a yoga teacher and dipping my toe in entrepreneurship. I took the plunge in 2018 to move full-time to operating Firefly so that I could reach more people, and stop splitting my energy between my passion and the ball-and-chain of the corporate world. 


My wish for all of us is that we be connected to self, others, nature and our food; that we ignite our souls, thrive in life and shine brightly. Won't you join us?   


What Clients are Saying


"I literally just had one of the best weeks of my life! Thank you for your guidance and support throughout this journey! Thank you Thank you!!" - Becky, yoga retreat participant


"I have been doing private yoga classes with Carrie in my home for some time and have really enjoyed the experience. Private sessions are a great opportunity to focus on your unique needs with a customized class each and every time. This was perfect for me as I was a yoga novice and had specific things I wanted to learn as well as focus areas. I look forward to our class each week - the yoga is great and Carrie is a pleasure. I would highly recommend that you reach out to Carrie and take an introductory yoga class to experience this for yourself." - Irene, yoga student


"Carrie - you are a true gem! Thank you for such a transformative experience!" - Melissa, yoga retreat participant


"I've been taking classes from Carrie for two years. She is an excellent and diverse yoga instructor. She has always been very sensitive to the needs of the class, and to those of individual students. I am an older athlete that has concentrated a good portion if my fitness time in the gym going various resistance based training methods. Through Carrie's methods, my flexibility, my resistence to injury and quickness to recover has greatly improved. I am true believer that strength, endurance, balance and flexibility training are the secrets to slowing down the effects of aging, all of which you get in Carrie's yoga classes." - Steve, yoga student

"I have had the benefit of attending yoga classes taught by Carrie at two companies in Broomfield over the past several years. Her patience and skill in leading these classes is quite amazing. She always sets a very relaxed mood using her fun, but peaceful personality, appropriate music, and readings on yoga and meditation. She is very attentive to individual students, being mindful of their limitations and needs for alternative or adjusted poses and props. Her Yin classes especially have helped me tremendously with back issues and muscle soreness from surgeries, exercise, and sitting at a keyboard for 8-10 hours a day. She has a very deep knowledge of yoga and its affect on the body. Thanks, Carrie." - Craig, yoga student 

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