Fall Event Series

Events Start September 7, 2020

This Fall, deepen your yoga practice on and off the mat with this series of events. There's something for everyone with options both online and in person.
Join us for Mindful Mondays on Facebook throughout September. Athletes will rejoice with the virtual yin yoga and myofascial release workshop. One of Firefly's most popular workshops to date, Self Awakening Yoga and Journaling, is making its online debut to help you cope with the challenges of the past six months. And finally, reconnect in person with a half-day hiking and yoga retreat.
Scroll down for more information and registration. 

Mindful Mondays - Guided Meditations on Facebook

Mondays starting on September 7

Feeling anxious or unsettled? Make a pledge to focus on self care this month. Join me live on Facebook Mondays in September starting on September 7 for a short (five minutes or less) guided meditation to start your week off on the right foot, with a clear mind. No experience necessary! The live videos can be viewed on Firefly's Facebook page at 8:00 AM Mountain Time. Can't join at 8:00 AM? No problem, watch the recording at your convenience. 

Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Workshop

Thursday, September 17 - Online via Zoom - 6:00-7:15 PM Mountain Time

As a triathlete, yin yoga quickly became my go-to practice for helping my body recover from tough workouts, and to improve my flexibility and range of motion. I love yin for many reasons, including its accessibility for those who have never practiced yoga. 


If you're not familiar with yin, it's a yoga practice that involves holding stretches on the floor for three to five minutes. While yin yoga calms and balances the mind and body, and reduces stress and anxiety, our primary focus in this workshop will be to increase circulation, improve flexibility, release fascia and improve joint mobility. 

This workshop is great for athletes, but all are welcome! As we move through yin postures, I will direct you in the use of tools for deeper myofascial release. You may be wondering, "what is myofascial release?" It's an effective technique that involves applying gentle sustained pressure into restricted connective tissue to relieve pain and restore motion. 


I will demonstrate the use of RAD tools, however, you can use foam rollers, rolling pins, tennis balls and/or lacrosse balls if you choose not to purchase RAD tools. Check out all that RAD has to offer here. My personal favorites are the helix and the RAD roller.


Registration is closed, but stay tuned for a video option for this workshop.

Self Awakening Yoga (SAY) and Journaling Workshop

Thursday, September 24 - Online via Zoom - 6:00-7:15 PM Mountain Time

The past six months have been hard on all of us! To help you cope with the challenges you've been facing, I'm offering one of Firefly's most popular workshops online for the first time! 


Join me as I guide you through a Self-Awakening Yoga (SAY) practice to connect with your body, followed by meditation and journaling to reflect on 2020. SAY is an inquiry-based style of yoga, suitable for all levels, intended to get you more in tune with your body. 


We'll practice letting go, and then opening the heart to enable you to move forward liberated to let your light shine. We'll join in mediation and journaling to reflect on learnings from the past six months, and to outline what you want to invite in next.


Registration is closed for this workshop.

Hiking & Yoga Event


During this half-day retreat, we'll hike together in Evergreen, Colorado. After the hike, I'll guide you through a yoga and meditation class at Studio B. This event is a great opportunity to kick off training and conditioning for our May 2021 hiking and yoga retreat. The morning will include an approximately three-mile hike, and a 75-min yin yoga and meditation workshop. 

Meet at the trailhead to kick off our hike at 8:30am. The meeting point will be emailed to you following your registration for the event. Our yoga workshop is in the beautiful Studio B in Evergreen.


Registration fee of $59 includes group hike, and yoga and meditation workshop.

This event is limited to six people to allow for proper distancing. Dress comfortably, in layers in case of cool weather. Bring your own yoga mat, and any desired props for the yoga and meditation workshop. 

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