Waiver of Liability


By completing this online waiver, I acknowledge that events conducted by Firefly Community LLC (Firefly) have risks inherent in them. I recognize that event activities can result in serious injury to my property and myself, including death. I realize conditions during the trips will vary; obstacles may exist; and I will be in proximity to other hazards, all of which can be dangerous. Furthermore, I understand I am responsible for my own safety on any of Firefly's events. Therefore, I hereby agree not to sue Firefly or any of its owners, employees, or contractors. I also release these parties from all liability to myself, my representatives, heirs, and next of kin for any and all damages to myself or my property, death, and related claims.


In partial exchange for the event, I give Firefly permission to use photos or other images taken by me which I make available to Firefly, or images taken of me during the event for any purpose, including but not limited to use in brochures, websites, marketing, and publicity. I furthermore agree to wear appropriate safety gear (as applicable) and to obey all local regulations. I understand that I am accepting the risks of my having to cancel my event due to injury, illness, a change in my plans, or any other reason and will readily abide by Firefly's cancellation policy. Registration fees paid hereafter are non refundable.


I realize by submitting the Event Registration Form I am releasing my rights; acknowledging that events operated by Firefly are inherently risky; and accepting the validity of this online waiver.

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