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Who retreats?

Check out the below profiles of Firefly's featured past retreat participants to get a sense of why people retreat, what to expect on retreat, and who you might meet on a Firefly retreat.

Meet Missy from Portland, OR

Missy attended Firefly's first retreat in Costa Rica, and our Italy retreat in 2017. 

Q:  What made you decide to attend your first retreat?  

A:  I have been practicing yoga for years, and a few friends of mine had attended retreats and spoke highly of them. For me, the decision was part location (Costa Rica!), the chance to focus on my practice in a environment with like minded people and little distraction. I was intrigued at the opportunity to really envelop my love of yoga, meeting new people, self-care and fun.  

Q:  Why did you choose Firefly?

A:  I had known Carrie for many years prior to her starting Firefly. She's such a gem. I felt that a yoga retreat based on her personality would have focus on the practice, but include other activities as well. It would be a strict enough retreat where you worked and learned to improve yourself, but likely ended the night with laughter and a glass of wine.

Q:  Share one thing from the retreats you attended that made your experience memorable. 

A:  At the beginning of the retreat, Carrie had us do this exercise where we wrote down two inner qualities, or insecurities that we wanted to improve and focus on during the retreat. She guided us through yoga practices and lessons through the week. At the end, we revisited the two qualities. I was amazed at how not only the lessons, but the interactions with others, atmosphere and activities helped me improve these specific traits I chose. It was uplifting.